Bobby Caldwell & Jack Splash, Breaking Up


Τον Νοέμβριο περιμένουμε νέο album από τον Bobby Caldwell μαζί με τον Jack Splash, υπό τον τίτλο «Cool Uncle». Χθες μας έδωσαν μία ιδέα του τι θα ακολουθήσει βγάζοντας στον αέρα το «Breaking Up». 
Από τους ήχους που γουστάρω πολύ…

Γράφει ο Charles Innis στο Stereogum, όπου έμαθα σχετικά:
«High-profile R&B veterans Bobby Caldwell and Jack Splash spin classically groovy tunes under the moniker Cool Uncle, often bringing in big industry names to provide vocals. Their last single, “Break Away,” featured rising starlet Jessie Ware singing to a retro-funk staccato groove. Cool Uncle’s newest track “Breaking Up” (breakups seems to be a running theme in their music) positions rapper Eric Biddines and canonical ’80s Gospel singer Deniece Williams in the limelight, trading off vocal duties. The result is a polished and dynamic slapper that pops and glides in every way an R&B track should, not once letting you out of it’s grasp. Despite the track’s retro stylings, there’s a modern flair in its pristine production, and Williams’ gorgeous voice is a welcome throwback. A cool uncle would probably dig this and their entire self-titled debut, due out next month».

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